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Law Firm Artur Kosiński
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41-902 Bytom
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While providing legal aid, we observe legal provisions, professional ethics, good practice and respect confidentiality principle.

Kancelaria Adwokacka Artur Kosiński

All services are provided with highest care and diligence required to legally protect Client's interest.

We cooperate with renowned foreign legal offices providing legal services - also in Polish language - in the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and the USA.

Nowadays, clients more and more often expect legal office to provide not only legal consultancy, but also aid in the field of finance and business. The expertise and experience of our partners: tax advisers, certified auditors and academic teachers make it easy to meet those expectations.

Practice areas 

Civil and commercial law

  • providing legal advice
  • preparing legal opinions and contract drafting
  • verifying the conformity of contracts with the binding legal provisions
  • aid in negotiating contracts in Poland and abroad
  • legal representation in front of all courts
  • legal representation in enforcement proceedings
  • seeking redress in compensation claims related to i.a. traffic accidents, work accidents, medical malpractices, civil offences, insurance policies
  • handling unfair competition cases


Corporate law

  • help in incorporating, merger, transformation or winding up of corporate entities, their branch offices and agencies
  • preparing applications to KRS (National Court Register), including registering branch offices and agencies of foreign entities in Poland
  • drafting articles of association and statutes of commercial companies
  • drafting agreements between shareholders
  • representing shareholders at meetings
  • providing complex services at general meeting and general assembly
  • preparing documents related to meetings/assemblies of companies' governing bodies
  • drafting managerial contract


Criminal law

  • defence in criminal proceedings
  • legal representation of the aggrieved party in criminal proceedings
  • filing private indictments and representing private prosecutors
  • filing subsidiary indictments
  • representing persons convicted in enforcement proceedings - applications for deferring imprisonment, for intervals in serving imprisonment, for permission to serve imprisonment in EMS (Electronic Monitoring System), for conditional early release


Family law

  • legal representation in annulment of marriage, separation or divorce proceedings
  • legal representation in cases related to division of property
  • handling child support and maintenance cases
  • representation in cases related to deprivation, limitation , suspension or reinstating parental responsibility
  • cases based on the Hague Convention regarding return of a child that has been abducted abroad
  • legal representation in adoption cases
  • legal representation in maternity/paternity establishing/ denial cases
  • legal representation in cases regarding permission for activities exceeding the scope of regular management of property of a spouse or a minor child


Wills & estates

  • legal aid in establishing circle of statutory heirs, making testaments
  • legal representation in cases regarding acknowledgement of acquisition of estate and division thereof
  • establishing the scope of liability for inherited debt
  • claims for legitim and claims of legatees
  • cases regarding unworthiness for succession


Real estate law

  • establishing the legal status of a real estate, including risk evaluation, encumbrances, potential limitations, compensation claims
  • activities related to regulating legal status of a real estate, including i.a. removal of co-ownership, proceedings for acknowledgement of acquisition of estate, usucaption
  • legal consultancy in cases regarding sale and purchase of real estate, establishing limited rights in rem, real estate partition
  • participation in negotiations regarding real estate
  • representation in land and mortgage register proceedings
  • legal consultancy in investment process


Premises ownership

  • legal consultancy for real estate managers
  • legal services for housing cooperatives
  • Special Economic Zones (SEZ)
  • preparing documents necessary for application for permits to operate within SEZ, including business plan in conformity with the requirements listed by the management of SEZ
  • participation in negotiations with SEZ management regarding the text of permit to operate within SEZ, and in particular on terms and conditions of investment and granted tax relief


EU law

  • legal consultancy as regards business operation in EU countries
  • representation of natural persons in front of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg
  • legal aid for foreigners
  • acquisition of real estate by foreigners
  • legal consultancy as regards opening agencies and branch offices of foreign companies in the Republic of Poland
  • legalisation of foreigners' stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  • obtaining Polish citizenship
  • representation in front of administrative bodies


Other legal services

  • organising problem teams in crisis situation in enterprises
  • aid with reorganization and restructuring enterprises aiming at improvement of financial condition
  • complex or problem-related legal and financial audits

Our team

Agnieszka Koperwas

Agnieszka Koperwas

Katarzyna Lizurek

Katarzyna LizurekShe is a trainee legal adviser of the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Opole. She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Opole. She served internships in barristers and solicitors offices in Ruda Śląska, Gliwice as well as in the Ministry of Finance in Warsaw. Her favourite field of law is civil law, in particular civil suit and family law. Her hobbies are literature, horse riding and tennis.

Łukasz Nowak

Łukasz NowakHe is a trainee barrister and solicitor of the Regional Barristers and Solicitors Council in Katowice. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration and of the Silesian School of Management of the University of Silesia in Katowice. His field of expertise is civil, family and criminal law. He has been working for our office for 2 years. His professional interests include also pharmaceutical law.

Piotr Pituła

Piotr PitułaHe is a trainee barrister and solicitor of the Regional Barristers and Solicitors Council in Katowice. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia in Katowice. His professional interests focus on law and civil procedure, labour law and housing law. He also concentrates on education law. He has experience in providing services for corporate entities and natural persons that he gained while serving internship and while working in legal office and insurance company. He wrote two articles on education law.

He speaks English.

Contact us: Bytom, pl. T. Kościuszki 9/39, tel. +48 32 280 28 22,